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  Mary M. Smith
 CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & Clinic, 2014

    I entered this field due to an extraordinary series of events. Massage first piqued my curiosity in the late 1970’s, when I was still in high school, watching a documentary on PBS. In the course of daily living I tucked the thought away. Then both of my parents passed away closely together in 2007. I carried on, doing the usual things you have to do when closing an estate. In 2009 I got it in my mind to visit a psychic/medium, and learned that my actions on the night of my Mom’s passing actually facilitated that event. I learned that my psychic gift was in the energy that emanated from my hands.

   Also in 2009 I was in the process of healing from a car accident, and one of the things I did was to get massage therapy. The door was re-opened, and I started to seriously consider going to school for massage. In 2010, I restarted a series of chemotherapy treatments for a cancer that had spread.

   As a result of the treatments, I have developed sensitivity for those dealing with a cancer diagnosis, and the needs of their caregivers. My father was a Viet Nam vet, so I have included veterans and wounded warriors in this special group.

   But, no matter who the client, or where they came from, my goal is to provide thoughtful, healing touch that will soothe away the aches and cares of the day, and to energize the body and soul, so as to promote healing from within.

   My interests include following horse racing, the Twins, Vikings, Wild and U of M hockey.  I have two "furbabies", my cat Birdie, my pit/basset hound mix Zack, and an aquarium of tropical fish.  I love to go to the State Fair and Renaissance Festival.   I currently live in Minneapolis.

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